Volleyball & Northern Hot Dogs

It was a pretty busy, but fun weekend! Saturday I decided to go for a 3 mile walk on the greenway by my house. It’s a nice trail through the woods, and can be a little busy at times, but I love just taking time to walk. It’s therapeutic for me. I can relax, clear my head, sweat it out.

I stopped into Jamba Juice after and grabbed a Kaleribbean Breeze, my favorite! I have yet to really try any other flavors, because I just like this one so much. I’m definitely a creature of habit.

I spent most of the rest of the day out by the pool until Saturday night when I met my friend Allie at the outlets. I of course didn’t buy anything I needed, but got some good deals on sports bras and a top at the Gap that I couldn’t pass up. I’ve been waiting for to find a pair of Nike sneakers that I like from the outlet, but I am a big ole 10.5 and they’re so hard to find. Usually any color I like doesn’t have it, so for now I’ll just keep searching!

Sunday I went to the pool over at Allie’s and then went out to see Pirates of the Caribbean. I was pleasantly surprised by the movie after how…meh the last few were. Hopefully the next few will follow suit. I came home to Mr. Bubba laid out on the couch in his usual fashion.

Monday started with a few hours of volleyball. It was such a great group to play with. No pressure, all fun. I hate when you go to play a sport just to have a good time and people take it really serious and have a fit if someone else makes a mistake or they don’t win. It really ruins it for me. Thankfully this group was nothing but a good time. 

Afterward,  I headed over to a family friend’s house for a cook out. I brought along some of my NY summertime favorites. Zweigle’s Pop Open Red  Hots and Chiavetta’s marinated chicken! If only I had some salt potatoes to go along with it.

Next weekend is going to be a little more low-key, so it’ll be more fitness/nutrition based. I’m trying to get my health back in shape after letting go of the reigns all winter/spring. I started to feel and see how much it was impacting my body and decided what better time than now to start. I’ll fill you in on my plan in next Monday’s post. See you then!



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